Who Is History Matters?

Sue Burvill-Shaw has been a classroom teacher for over 32 years. Sue has taught History, Big History, English, SOSE, Study of Religious and Senior Sociology, taght in a variety of schools, both State and Private, in Queensland and Interstate. Sue is a Past-President of the Queensland History Teachers’ Association. She has tutored in education at the Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Griffith University and is a former QSA State Panel Chair for Ancient History. In addition, she is the co-ordinating author of the Jacaranda World History Atlas, a 7 to 10 reference text designed to support the Australian Curriculum in History.

Below are some of the many articles she has published.

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Jacaranda World History Atlas

At the Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2013 the Jacaranda World History Atlas won the category of Secondary Reference Resource of the year with the. Moreover this title was awarded the premier award of Outstanding Book of the Year, i.e. the most outstanding title of the 130 that were nominated across all categories for Primary, Secondary and Higher Ed. In September 2013, it was awarded best educational product at the International Cartographic Association conference in Dresden.