Conditions of use

Unless otherwise noted, all resources on this web site are the creation of Sue Burvill-Shaw. These resources are provided in good faith on the proviso that students and teachers will use them in their own school to improve the learning of students. Teachers and students, by using these resources, indicate their acceptance of the following conditions of use.

  • Acknowledging Sue Burvill-Shaw or other authors as indicated on resources as the owner of the intellectual property rights of the resources contained here; Add or Maintaining the author’s name in the footer of all documents copied from this web site.
  • Acknowledging their use as part of school copy write auditing processes.
  • Using them only within their own classroom, or in classrooms of colleagues within the same school.
  • Not sharing these with colleagues outside of the school without written permission.
  • Not reproducing these for distribution in booklets or as part of any presentation other than to secondary school students as part of normal teaching and learning.
  • Not selling or in any other way distributing these for profit.

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