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Good things about realising you are old but not dead yet!

One of my most treasured gifts this Christmas is the Gratitude diary Sam Leigh bought me.

I’m really enjoying the guided reflections and focusing on positives and growth -which has become my ongoing life resolution. One of the things I’ve been reflecting on was what I enjoyed as a younger me and why don’t I do them anymore? I used to love the beach (remember our drives, Marion Windle?) so why don’t I love the beach now? Graham Burvill loves it and I want to spend more time with him (nothing like near-death experiences to remind you what is important!!) so what is stopping me. They have factor 50 sunscreen now and I can get a rashie, so what else? OMG yes- buying a swim suit! Once I would have thought trying on and buying a new swim suit was the most stressful experience ever, but with things in a new perspective, Monday I bought my first swim suits in probably 20 years. I did check with Graham Burvill to ensure he would be OK with being seen in public with me, but got the nod. Perhaps what I see in the mirror isn’t what I saw when I spent hours at Maroubra Beach in 1977 but why care about that? Today Graham and I decided our daily Gratitude reflection was that.

We are both grateful to live in a country with doctors who can fix health issues which would have seen us dead in other countries and times, and for each other.

I hope all my family and friends have lots to be grateful for and the health to enjoy it! A positive 2018 to everyone, love Sue Burvill-Shaw and Graham Burvill 😍 😎

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