Why do I think, what I think I think about Teaching and Learning.

As part of my studies towards a Doctor of Education, I have created this blog in an attempt to document my ongoing reflections about my current academic practices and experiences. It attempts to explore both my beliefs about academic practices and learning, and to trace the origins of these beliefs. this blog explores the wider field of teaching, learning and research, and is supplemented by a more focused discussion of my thinking about teaching and Learning within the Discipline of History in What is History Teaching? In recording these reflections, I have drawn on a number of previously published articles, Assignments produced for earlier degrees, philosophical discussions produced for previous employment applications, private journals and various materials prepared for teachers’ workshops to create an authentic account of my developing attitudes, values and beliefs. In this way, I have tried to ensure that these reflections draw upon existing sources of evidence as much as possible, rather than relying simply upon recall. In this way I attempt to document the way in which I became an academic.