The purpose of History Matters is to provide Australian Teachers and Students with a point of contact for assistance with resources, assessment or units of work for teaching History based on the Australian National Curriculums.

History Matters also aims to prove teachers with blogs to summarise recent thinking or to refer teachers to interesting articles worth reading.

History Matters believes that History teachers are uniquely placed to touch the future by helping educate young Australians to become, ethical, aware, critical and creative thinkers who behave with integrity and positive purpose. It also believes that teachers need to work collaboratively, if they are to achieve life: work balance.

History Matters can create resources to suit the needs of your individual class and school, or provide you with classroom tested resources designed to develop the historical understandings, skills and key concepts outlined in the various exit standards Statements from 1 to 12. Material created by other people has ben referenced when ever the creator’s name was known.

Where ever possible, History Matters has used material created by the web owner, Sue Burvill-Shaw or creative commons resources or material believed to be in the public domain. If we have unintentionally used copyright material in a manner contrary to the owner’s intended use, please contact us and we will remove the offending item.

If you are a teacher who would like to share resources through this web site, please contact History Matters for instructions on how to identify the work as your own for copyright purposes.