A number of units of work and individual lessons related to this issue based on the Curriculum Priorities and other requirements of Australian Curriculum: History are available from the Author. In addition, Units of work or stand alone lessons can be personalized for your school’s needs: to focus on particular knowledge, skills, key concepts or elements of Exit Criteria. Please contact the author, Sue Burvill-Shaw using the contact form on this website outlining your school’s needs and time constraints, and for more information.

Ideas include:

First Contact:

Significant Indigenous Individuals and their impact

Indigenous Australians and the vote

Indigenous Australians and the Constitution

Changes and Continuities in relations between Indigenous Australians and the non-Indigenous Australians.

The Redfern Speech

The Wave Hill Walk Off

Land Rights for Indigenous Australians

A Treaty for Indigenous Australians?

Comparing and contrasting First Nation rights in Australia (the USA, Canada, New Zealand).


Saying Sorry

The Stolen Generation.